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Compliance is part of an enterprise's due diligence. Our code of conduct, reflecting international standards, constitutes the basis for EQOS Energie Group compliance.

Lawful conduct compliant with rules

EQOS Energie’s compliance management system requires observance of all laws, regulations, guidelines and ethical principles, contractual and voluntary obligations in all business processes without exception.

Compliance applies to everyone: our code of conduct must be rigorously adhered to by all our employees – it is how we ensure that all EQOS Energie values are accepted and adopted by everyone, thus contributing to the long-term success of our company.

Procedure in the event of compliance breaches

Our value management is aimed at cultivating a culture based on values. A culture that helps to strengthen the personal responsibility of its organisation members so that it goes beyond the formal observance of laws and regulations. This includes mutual prevention and control of personal conduct that damages our company’s financial status or image.

Do you have concrete indications of breaches of compliance that affect EQOS Energie?

Help us to pursuing wrongdoing. Our Corporate Compliance team offers you a modern whistle blower and communication system. Use our online mailbox to help solve suspicious cases without revealing your identity.

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