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Second-to-last milestone during the remodelling construction of the Hessenberg substation

EQOS Energie’s expertise across business fields in terms of temporary structures keeps Styrian remodelling project on track

On behalf of Energie Steiermark, EQOS Energie has reached an important milestone in the ongoing construction of the Hessenberg substation. At the start of October, the existing 220/110-kV transformer was switched off. Since then, the cable installation and connection efforts for the new 110- kV SF6 interior switchgear and the also newly constructed 30-kV switchgear have been under way. Upon commissioning of the new systems, the transformer, line and cable branching will be successively rerouted to the new systems and activated. The project will be concluded in mid-2018.

The remodelling project involves a few challenges and a large one was already mastered at the start: In order to clear the construction site for the new switchgear building, several overhead lines that ran through the site had to be replaced with a temporary solution, without which the ongoing operations would be restricted. For this purpose, the EQOS Energie experts used four temporary site cable systems with a length of about 150 metres each, thereby allowing the construction of the new switchgear building. Subsequently, the work focussed on the assembly of the new 110-kV switchgear, which will connect three 220/110-kV main variable-ratio transformers, four overhead lines and six cable junctions as well as the two main transformers from 110 kV to 30 kV in the final expansion stage.

The expansion of the Hessenberg substation is a prime example of the collaboration at EQOS Energie across business fields: Aside from planning, calculation and project handling as well construction management and assembly by experts in the Energy Technology business field, experts from the Overhead Lines business fields were employed to dismantle the overhead line and construct the temporary solution. Depending on which construction phase is under way, up to 10 employees of EQOS Energie may be deployed.

Kurt Rader, managing director of EQOS Energie Austria: “We are delighted that Energie Steiermark once again selected EQOS Energie as their partner for this complex remodelling project. Aside from the many years of good collaboration during a variety of projects, it was certainly pivotal that we are able to cover both the low-voltage and high-voltage area with our own specialists and can therefore provide all required services from a single source.”