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Project “Grünkraut” concluded

Substation expansion has been completely tested and commissioned

This is an example of the stronger collaboration of the EQOS Energie national subsidiaries in Germany and Austria in the Energy Technology business field: The expansion of the Grünkraut substation near Ravensburg in the Lake Constance region has been under way since October 2015 and was successfully concluded in the summer of 2017. On behalf of local distribution network operator Netze BW, the experts of EQOS Energie Austria have expanded the site by one transformer, thereby installing another junction from 110 kV to 20 kV and constructing a new transformer building with 20-kV switchgear. The project, which comprises an overall volume of EUR 2 million, covers the entire planning, assembly and construction services on site, various inspections and commissioning. After the last successful tests, the turnkey handover to Netze BW was made in August.

The EnBW subsidiary Netze BW is a longstanding customer of both national subsidiaries and relies on their specific expertise according to the requirements of each project. In the case of Grünkraut, the portable high-voltage testing system of EQOS Energie Austria was used to test the 20-kV switchgear. This system can be used to measure hazardous partial discharges, which can permanently damage the insulation of electrical equipment or cause serious electrical faults with substantial consequential damage as a worst-case scenario. Diagnostic measurements prior to commissioning help identify faults during the manufacturing process, transport or assembly.

Since the start of the project, two to six fitters from EQOS Energie Austria have been consistently deployed. The project management and the entire electrotechnical planning and documentation were the responsibility of experienced technicians from Austria while an external engineering firm in Germany was commissioned with submission plans and construction support of the project. “Netze BW is a good example of how customers can benefit from the cross-border know-how and network of the EQOS Energie Group,” said Robert Schaetzke, managing director at EQOS Energie Germany. “Depending on the requirements, we avail ourselves of special expertise and provide additional capacities as needed in order to be able to handle even complex projects in the specified time period reliably and according to plan.”

Truly tried and tested is the use of teams from the Overhead Line business field: During substation projects such as Grünkraut, they can contribute their special expertise in mechanical engineering, during the construction of preliminary structures and the frequently required work at dwindling heights while the electrical engineers take care of the connection work in question. “Due to many instances of positive experience, we regularly deploy overhead line fitters in energy technology projects across national borders when it makes sense,” said Kurt Rader, managing director of EQOS Energie Austria. “This allows us to achieve even greater efficiency and better quality for our customers.”